AI Summer Camp Certificate Distribution

AI Summer Camp certificate distribution ceremony

The AI Summer Camp certificate distribution ceremony occurred on August 19, 2022, at PAF-IAST. Dr. Atif Mashkoor, the managing director of SPCAI, commended and complimented parents for their trust in SPCAI, PAF-IAST. He praised the students for their remarkable dedication to mastering cutting-edge technology. Vice-chancellors from the University of Haripur and the Hazara University joined in on the celebration and observed the high-caliber projects that students between the ages of 12 and 16 showcased while visiting the exhibition put on by SPCAI, PAF-IAST. Honorable Rector, PAF-IAST Prof. Dr. M. Mujahid recognized the students’ abilities during his closing remarks and declared that PAF-IAST would take the initiative to conduct additional skill-oriented courses in the future. After six weeks of hands on training in game development and robotics, certificates were handed out to the students.