Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

About Department of E&CE

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering has been established under the PAF IAST’s exclusive vision “Skilling Pakistan”. E&CE is committed to expanding and enhancing the quality of engineering education in electrical, computer, and allied disciplines with the concomitant task of stimulating the hi-tech industry in Pakistan. E&CE endeavors to promote sound engineering education in Pakistan comparable to the standards of advanced countries. The department is engaged in preparing its students for lifelong learning and successful professional careers. It seeks to produce professionals equipped with credible engineering knowledge, sound managerial and technical skills like essential mathematical tools and basic scientific concepts to be able to navigate in sectors like communications, electrical energy, computers, robotics, artificial intelligence, automation, and national and international market trends. Our degree program courses adhere to international standards with a good blend of hands-on experience needed for cutting-edge research and product development.

The department is housed in academic block A-2 on the lush green premises of PAF IAST. It has well-equipped and well-furnished lecture theaters, smart classrooms, and labs. It has excellent arrangements and a full range of facilities to impart highly credible engineering education of international standards. We create new knowledge, improve technologies, and are committed to producing technology leaders with the vision and abilities to solve with passion the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

There is no better time like the present to become an electrical engineer, considering that numerous industries need help building new innovative technologies and making them function reliably.

Degree Programs Offered

We are proud to offer exciting and challenging degree programs, initially catering to only undergraduate students, followed by graduate (MS and PhD programs) in the near future.

Faculty of Electrical, Computer, IT and Design

Faculty of Electrical, Computer, IT, and Design (FECID) is engaged in preparing and equipping students to harness the benefits of advanced technology into the service of human lives. Electrical component largely involves the use of computing systems and information technology. It acquires the required design from the possible set of information and latest technology to meet the critical demands of modern society. It helps our students and faculty to work and understand the complexity of modernization and gives them the insight to develop such technologies that can alleviate human suffering by simplifying complex systems. The FECID seeks to produce well-educated and well-equipped students with sound sets of practical skills to cope with emerging technological challenges through international collaboration in areas like electrical, computing, circuits, signals, microprocessors, digital design, and communications. This eventually enables generations to become capable professionals and successful leaders in the digital era. 

Smart Classrooms

PAF-IAST is the only smart campus in Pakistan with blanket Wi-Fi coverage and smart classroom solutions for its classrooms and lecture theatres. These smart facilities offer the most advanced Interactive Digital Board, AI-enabled Speaker’s tracking camera, Lecture Recorder, along with other ancillary equipment.

Besides jogging tracks, two large grounds are reserved for cricket and football. Apart from the indoor game facilities at each Academic block, badminton, volleyball courts also have been made available.

Fully furnished shared accommodation is available for resident students. Boarding facilities are exclusively meant for students hailing from remote cities. Boarding facilities include comfortable rooms, fully functional dining halls, anteroom, Wi-Fi facility, indoor games, vending machines and laundry.

The campus has a high standard library, well provided with course textbooks along, reference books, and a good number of necessary research journals for each area of specialization. The library complex also comprises a few cubicles with smart boards installed for research group discussions and presentations.

PAF-IAST Campus offers ample ancillary services to ensure a conducive academic and working environment for all. These facilities include automated vending machines to readily provide students at fair price snacks, beverages, essential commodities 24/7, especially during short breaks without having them rush to the cafeteria now and then. Considering the needs of students, faculty, and staff, multiple vending machines are being installed at various places across the campus. Gradually, these machines will be made compatible for integration with Smart Campus One Card Solution which PAF-IAST plans to deploy in the days ahead to promote cashless campus culture.

Lab Facilities

Our world-class facilities make PAF IAST one of Pakistan's best universities for research and study.

Physics Laboratory

Physics Laboratory is fully geared to impart experimental training in classical and modern physics to undergraduate students of various science and engineering disciplines. The lab is amply stocked with demonstration kits/apparatus to explain and illustrate the principles of physics. It is a great resource to enable students to relate effectively their theoretical knowledge with practical work.


  • Faraday’s Law Apparatus
  • LRC Circuit Apparatus
  • Specific Heat Apparatus
  • Newton’s Laws Apparatus
  • Projectile Motion Apparatus
  • General Purpose Digital Multimeter
  • Inverse Square Law
  • Coulomb’s Law demonstrator
  • Universal Digital Multimeter
  • Inverse Square Law Demonstrator with 1 Required Interface
  • Universal Interface 850
  • Airlink
  • USB Bluetooth Adapter
  • Capston Software Site License

Electronics and Circuits Laboratory

Equipped with modern measurement apparatus, this laboratory is dedicated to providing hands-on training to undergraduate engineering students in all courses dealing with electric and electronic circuits. This state-of-the-art facility helps students to see beyond the theory and serves as a foundation for the students to grasp better the subjects to be taught during advanced semesters. 


  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Dual DC Power Supply
  • Bread Board Module
  • Function Generator
  • SMD Rework Soldering Station
  • Handheld LCR Meter

Computer Laboratory

Our dedicated Computer lab meets adequately the computing needs of all undergraduate students of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department with an inventory of high-performance modern computers.

Equipment Software List:

  • Desktop All in one Computers (Core i7) – 9th Generation
  • AutoCAD license
  • MatLab License
  • Microsoft Office 365 License
  • Microsoft Windows 10 License
  • Spice and IC layout

DLD and Embedded Systems Laboratory

This lab is meant to cover the fundamentals of Digital Logic Design, Digital Systems Design, Embedded Systems, and IoT applications. The experiments starting from the very basic digital concepts culminate into advanced digital systems. Based on FPGA training kits with Verilog/VHDL as the HDL, for IoT and sensors interfacing, the lab is equipped with the latest Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits.


  • Digital Logic Training System
  • Arduino Starter Kit
  • Basys 3 Artix-7 FPGA Trainer Board
  • 8086 MicroPro Training System
  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Starter Kit
  • Desktop All in one Computers (Core i7) – 9th Generation
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Dual DC Power Supply
  • Digital Multimeter

Power Systems Laboratory

The electric Power System Laboratory is dedicated to training undergraduate students for safe, reliable, and optimum generation, distribution, conversion, measurement, and control of electric energy. Work in Laboratory consists of laboratory experiments, testing, and computer simulation of electric power apparatus, equipment, structures, materials, and systems.

DSP and Communication Laboratory

DSP and Communication Lab is a specialized teaching facility to enhance students’ conceptual understanding regarding digital signal processing and telecommunications fields. This lab comprises modern equipment to help students to carry out lab experiments and conduct projects in the areas of 0bvc digital and wireless communications, RF and microwave engineering, Antennas, and DSP.

Why Study at PAF IAST?

Location and Ambience

PAF IAST is nestled in natural mountains that flank its campus from all sides, offering one even the ravishing view of snow-capped peaks of Nathiagali and natural winding trails. To its north-west is Tarbela Lake, a journey of only a few kilometers from the campus. Set in the middle of the campus is a natural lake, fed by the springs of surrounding mountains. The campus is just a 3-kilometer drive from the Hazara Motorway. The ideal setting equally conducive to academic activity and aesthetic sensibilities of the human eye is a serene island of its own kind, far from the chaos, congestion, and cacophony of metropolitan culture. The major cities like Islamabad, Abbottabad, are just an hour’s drive, while small towns like Wah, Hasanabadal, Taxila, and Swabi can be reached in just half an hour.

Technology Advancement and Foreign Partnership

This institute is an emerging center of excellences, with its own technology park. All faculty members hold PhD degrees in appropriate disciplines. By virtue of its wide array of facilities and the facilitation for its students to learn and benefit both from classroom teaching and faculty trained at premier Austrian universities/institutions, the institution is ideally cut out for imparting state-of–the-art engineering and allied education in Pakistan. The institute enjoys close linkages with top ranking universities in Austria and China. We have already concluded with them formal agreements regarding student and faculty exchange programs, provision of dual degrees in certain areas, and the training support from foreign faculty. cities like Islamabad, Abbottabad, are just an hour’s drive, while small towns like Wah, Hasanabadal, Taxila and Swabi can be reached in just half an hour.

Academia-Industry Relationship

There is a strong synergetic relationship between academia and industry which paves the way for job opportunities for students even in the midst of their studies. PAF IAST will serve as a welcome platform for the industry to share their requirements for a skilled workforce. This will enable the institute to incorporate their valuable inputs in practical vocational training and expose the students to industrial perspectives

On-Spot Industry Internship

It will be a mandatory requirement for every student to do an internship every semester in an appropriate industry. This will garner them practical experience related to their respective degree programs. To crown it all, Technology Park will afford them rare opportunities to apply themselves innovatively and become promising entrepreneurs.

Need and Merit-based Scholarships

Different types of local and foreign scholarship opportunities are available on need and merit base.

E&CE Faculty Members

Get quality education in Pakistan’s best university. Be inspired by brilliant teachers at the best facilities. Apply to study at Pak-Austria Fachhochschule Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology.