Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Lab NCAI at CIIT

Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Lab NCAI COMSATS university has conducted an AI Care SSBC Industrial Meetup. The aim behind this event is to bridge a gap between industry and academia also to showcase research-based Lab related products. Their major industrial Partners Pak Health Consultants, Dice Analytics, Sino-Pak Center for Artificial Intelligence, Rawalpindi Medical University Rmu Xylexa Inc. and Academic Partner Numl, Pak-Austria Fachhochschule Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, Institute of Space Technology, for joining this event.

Dr. Sohail Khan, Administrator /Senior Faculty, and Ms. Madiha Aslam, Program Manager attended the session from SPCAI. Dr. Sohail presented a detailed introduction about PAF-IAST features and the role of SPCAI towards the application of Artificial Intelligence.

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