By Dr. Mohammad Mujahid

Prof & Rector PAF-IAST (Pride of Performance)

PAF-IAST with a slogan of “Skilling Pakistan” is a concept beyond the realms of traditional education in science and technology. It aims to empower students and its graduates with state-of-the-art tools of technologies. These would resurrect the dilapidated conditions of our industry through problem-solving and provision of right-skilled human resource.

To realize this, Fachhochschule model, proven beyond doubt in Europe, has been adopted. The hallmark of this model is enhanced practical contents in the study programs. Two major Fachhochschulen from Austria are partnering with PAFIAST, collaborating to ensure equivalence in standards and quality of degree programs with focus on outcome-based education in all disciplines.

Producing skilled human resource requires active academia-industry partnership. In this presentation, PAFIAST would like to propose measures intended on fostering such a relationship. We believe that by allowing students to work in industry during studies will create a congenial and win-win situation for both.

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