Central Library


The PAF-IAST Central Library is an essential component of the educational mission of Pak-Austria Fachhochachule Institute of Applied Science and Technology, with the overall objective of selecting, organizing, and maintaining print and electronic resources that support the curriculum and information needs of the academic community. The library works in partnership with faculty, staff, and students to provide convenient access to quality information resources and an environment that encourages study and personal growth. In addition, information services are customized to individual needs to recognize their information requirements. The library’s colorful interior and innovative furniture provide a stunning and refreshing environment that attracts users and encourages study and research. Research cubicles, study carrels, and discussion rooms offer an excellent atmosphere for individual and group study. As a lending library, the PAF-IAST Central Library plays a vital role in increasing research output at Pak-Austria Fachhochachule Institute of Applied Science and Technology by supporting faculty and students in their research work through its organized information resources. The library’s major functions include gathering information, organizing it effectively for retrieval, making it accessible, and disseminating this information to relevant users. Equipped with modern technologies like RFID-based Library Management Systems, the PAF-IAST Central Library provides a range of facilities, including self-check-in and check-out of library materials, an online public access catalogue (OPAC), online booking and reservation of library materials, a digital library, electronic journals and databases, audio/visual facilities, dedicated computer systems for research and use of digital and electronic resources, and wireless internet connection.


Our vision at the PAF-IAST Central Library is to provide a dynamic and engaging learning environment that facilitates the academic and research pursuits of our students, faculty, and researchers.

We aspire to become a leader in academic libraries, by offering innovative resources and services that are tailored to meet the ever-changing demands of the information age.


Our vision is to empower our users with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their respective fields, by fostering a culture of lifelong learning and discovery.

We envision our library as a vibrant hub of intellectual activity, where users can access collaborate with fellow scholars, and explore diverse perspectives.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire a love for learning and research, and to help our users achieve their full potential. Through our commitment to excellence, we strive to make the PAF-IAST Central Library a world-class destination for academic and intellectual pursuits.

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