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Centers of Excellence

PAF IAST boasts the latest teaching and practical laboratories equipped at par with partner universities. Effective plans are in hand to keep pace, through a process of monitoring by international accreditation bodies, with the highest standards of the curricula, teaching resources, and the learning outcomes adopted by the foreign partners. In the conclusion of the initial establishment phase, the quality and output will be gauged, and programs accredited, using internationally-recognized criteria.

The core objective of the center is to build national capacity for R&D in the emerging field of artificial intelligence and gain expertise in this area through MS/Ph.D. programs in collaboration with Chinese and Austrian universities. Besides providing high-value services to industrial partners, we seek to achieve the capability to solve local problems using AI and market those indigenous solutions through the technology park.

Mineral Resource Engineering

Pakistan has rich reservoirs of minerals resources, including clays (china clay and fire clay), copper, dolomite, gypsum, iron ore, limestone, marble (onyx), salt, sand and gravel, silica sand, as well as energy resources like coal, natural gas, oil; and precious and novel stones.

Considering the significance of mineral resources, PAF IAST has set up a Centre of excellence with the co-operation of Chinese universities.

Nano-Technology Center

The Nanotechnology Center for Socio-Economic Development (NCSED) is going to be geared to emerge as the leading hub of innovation, scientific research, and knowledge transfer to local researchers. The center will cater to training needs in the area of high-resolution imaging and spectroscopic techniques for an in-depth analysis, and understanding of new (Nano) materials.

Center of Excellence in Transportation / Railway Engineering

The Center of Excellence in Transportation / Railway Engineering at Pak Austria Fachhochschule – Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (PAF-IAST), Haripur,  aims to become a world-class educational institution for imparting knowledge, skill development and research in the field of transport and railways. Its core domain will be to impart high-quality education and knowledge initially in rail-related matters and later on in the larger transport sector; provide training opportunities for skill development; create an environment of excellence in focused rail and transport sector research and development; liaise with the transport and rail industry,in Pakistan and abroad to have an industrial impact and to assist in the development of innovative tools and provide solutions to tackle emerging technical challenges, taking it role as an important stakeholder in the transport and railway sector by maintaining financial sustainability.

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Agriculture has remained the lifeline of Pakistan’s economy since its birth. It significantly contributes to the national economy and poverty alleviation by providing food security to the masses, besides supplying cheap raw material to several value-added industries.

PAF IAST plans to establish a center of excellence in Agriculture Food Technology with the help of Chinese universities in critical areas such as Food Processing Technology, Packaging Technology and Seed Technology.

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Areas of Cooperation

  • Exploration of collaborative research projects.
  • Exchange of teaching and research staff.
  • Organization of joint academic activities including degree programs, seminars, lectures, workshops, and conferences.
  • Advancement and exchange of students.
  • Short faculty visits.
  • Training of PAF IAST faculty & administrative staff.