Master Programs

Master Programs

Faculty of Electrical, Computer, IT and Design

  • MS in Data Science
  • MS in Information Security (Upcoming)

Department of Design, Media and Digital Technologies

  • MS in Digital Media Technologies (Upcoming)
  • MS in Artificial Intelligence

Faculty of Biomedical and Engineering

Department of Biomedical Engineering (Upcoming)

Department of Food Engineering (Upcoming)

  • MS in Food Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical, Chemical, Material and Mining

  • MS in Environmental Process and Energy Engineering
  • MS in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (Upcoming)

Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Department of Materials Science & Engineering

  • MS in Extractive Metallurgy (Upcoming)

Department of Mineral Processing

  • MS in Mineral Processing

Department of Mining Engineering

  • MS in Mining Engineering

Faculty of Civil and Transportation Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering and Town Planning

  • MS in Green Construction Materials (Upcoming)

Faculty of Management and Social Sciences (Upcoming)

Department of Management Sciences

  • Business Administration (Upcoming)
  • Corporate Management (Upcoming)