Message from Chairman Advisory Board / Vice Chair, Board of Governors

Pakistan gravely lacks an adequately trained and skilled workforce in the production sector. This has been a major factor contributing to our low exports and poor economic growth. The situation has seen only marginal improvement in recent years. While our National Education Policy recognizes the importance of technical education at the tertiary level for providing technical skills towards the fulfillment of industry requirements, much remains to be done to enable Pakistan to realize its true potential. The secret to developing a strong knowledge economy lies in the ability of nations to be able to manufacture and export high technology goods.  For this, we must have top class engineering universities that can produce students that can meet the new challenges posed by the 4th industrial revolution with the accompanying emerging and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, next-generation genomics, industrial biotechnology, energy storage systems, 3D printing, new materials, and others.

“Skilling Pakistan” is the most pressing need of the hour. Human resource development and skill training in tandem are the essential elements to boost the key growth sectors such as manufacturing, information and communication technologies, medical technologies, core engineering areas, as well as the construction field.

Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Science and Technology is a leap forward to assist the government of Pakistan in acquiring the much-needed pool of quality human resources in order to enhance the prosperity of Pakistan through developing a knowledge economy. This institute is a collaborative public sector venture in partnership with premier Austrian and Chinese universities for quality education, academic excellence, technology transfer, research accomplishments, and for developing a state-of-the-art technology park where new products for commercial use will be developed. PAF-IAST offers unique opportunities to Pakistani youth to study at an emerging center of excellence on their way to become leaders and entrepreneurs in various growth sectors. 

From the very outset of their academic career at this institute, they will be exposed to first-hand rewarding industry experience This, in turn, will enable them to contribute significantly to the national economy and prosperity of the society at large.