Admissions Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Programs

Category  Programs Min. Marks in HSSC or Equivalent 

BE Electrical Engineering 

BE Computer System Engineering 

BE Chemical Engineering 

BE Materials Engineering 

BE Mechanical Engineering 

Doctor of Pharmacy 

Doctor of Physiotherapy 


BS Software Engineering 

BS Computer Science 

BS Artificial Intelligence 

BS Data Science 

BS Cyber Security 

BS Biomedical Sciences 

BS Biotechnology 

BS Architecture 


BS Information Design 

BS Game Design 

BS Animation Design 

BS Film and Television 

BS Textile Design 

BS Fashion Design 

BS Applied Psychology 

BS English 


Admission 2022

PAF-IAST promotes equal opportunities and welcomes students from all backgrounds, irrespective of their creed, color, gender, ethnicity, and their social and financial status. Female students are encouraged to join any program of their choice and realize their dreams.