Fee Refund Policy

PAF-IAST Fee Refund Policy

  1. A freshly inducted student must inform PAF-IAST in writing if he/she finds it necessary to withdraw his/her admission.
  2. Admission Fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
  3. Security deposit is refundable at the time of completion of degree or closing of admission.
  4. Tuition Fee and ECA and other semester expenses are refunded in accordance with the guidelines of Higher Education Commission (HEC), as follows.
S.No# Timelines Refund %age
1. Up to 7th day of convening of classes Full (100%)
2. From 8th – 15th day of convening of classes Half (50%)
3. From 16th day of convening of classes No Refund

Note: Days include both working days and holidays

5. In case a student is rendered ineligible upon declaration of results, 100% tuition fee refunded if applied within 10 days of declaration of result along with proof of ineligibility.
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