PAF-IAST Code of Conduct

In order to inculcate in its community intellectual diversity, self-motivation, critical thinking, capacity for leadership, and ethically guided high sense of professionalism, PAF-IAST expects its community (i.e., students, faculty, employees) to maintain at the campus a disciplined environment.  The code of conduct provides a framework for improving discipline by identifying expectations, specifying the violations/acts of misdemeanour and the nature of ensuing penalties. The PAF-IAST Code of Conduct is laid down below. The guidelines in the code will help the students, faculty and employees to regulate their everyday conduct, i.e., behaviour, attitude, and dress of PAF-IAST community both on and off campus.

  • PAF-IAST is an equal opportunity workplace for all students and employees. The institute does not discriminate its workforce on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender. All opportunities are offered purely on the basis of qualifications, merit, and institutional (business) needs.
  • PAF-IAST Community should refrain from taking part in any political, anti-state, unlawful and sectarian activities, cheating, plagiarism, harassment, cyber bulling, drugs, lying, stealing etc., during the entire tenure of their association with the Institute.
  • PAF-IAST Community should refrain from conduct that might damage the reputation of the Institute. They must shun such conduct as may disrupt of any academic program /activity of the Institute.
  • PAF-IAST Community will show tolerance, understanding, and respect for the rights of others. In case of any misunderstanding with peers or Institute management, etc., discussions and exchange of views within the bounds of decency and decorum would be the desirable course to follow. Threatening attitude and behaviour to fellow students, faculty, staff, or PAF-IAST as an institution could cause dismissal from the Institute.
  • Irrespective of gender, PAF-IAST Community will be respectful to all members of the institute and will refrain from such behaviour as can be interpreted by others as ‘gender harassment’.
  • PAF-IAST Community must bear in mind that gender interaction and collaboration is permissible only within the accepted social and cultural norms of the society. Beyond this, any undue intimacy or unacceptable proximity, openly or in isolated areas shall not be tolerated.
  • It is the responsibility of every individual to keep the Campus environment neat and tidy. Littering and leaving or throwing trash carelessly on the Institute premises are prohibited. The designated waste bins should be used to deposit trash.
  • Members of PAF-IAST Community are advised to refrain from causing any damage to the Institute fixtures/furniture including venetian blinds, by scribbling or carving on desks, writing on walls, and misusing lab equipment, etc.
  • All members of PAF-IAST Community are advised not to smoke on the Institute premises. Any violation may entail strict disciplinary action.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off in classrooms, examination halls, labs and library to keep intact the calm of these places.
  • Members of PAF-IAST Community are advised to adhere to the code of conduct on-the-field and off-the-field while taking part in sports and extracurricular activities. They are expected to display exemplary behaviour, especially while representing the Institute in an activities like seminars, conferences, exhibitions and competitions.
  • Cases of indiscipline shall be referred to the Institute Discipline Committee. The committee is authorized to deal with all matters of indiscipline and recommend appropriate corrective action to be taken for various breaches of code of conduct.
  • The Institute dress code includes general unspecified rules of cleanliness, grooming, good taste and appropriateness. All members are expected to be dressed decently in a manner that is appropriate for any seat of higher learning. Clothes should be reflective of high cultural and social values.
  • No one is allowed to possess or use firearms, firework, dangerous devices, chemicals, or explosives on the Institute premises. The Institute has zero-tolerance policy for those found in possession of artifacts like dangerous knives or daggers which could be viewed as weapons.
  • Whilst on the Institute’s premises, members of PAF-IAST Community should always carry with them their National Identity Card, and PAF-IAST Identity Card for their safety and security. Lending an identity card to someone else is a violation of PAF-IAST Code of Conduct and is liable to disciplinary action.
  • Ragging and bullying are prohibited on the institute’s premises. Such acts may result in strict disciplinary action. Any member subjected to such behaviour or a witness to it, should report the matter to Chairman/Head of the department/Section.
  • No member of the PAF-IAST community is allowed to post an opinion or participate in a debate in print, electronic and social media on behalf of the Institute without the prior approval of the competent authority. Any member who communicates or posts over media in an individual capacity, should be respectable and courteous, and must state clearly that the content of the post is his/her personal opinion.
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