PAF-IAST Need Based Scholarships

PAF-IAST Need-based scholarships are focused to enhance the educational capabilities of the students by off-loading their financial burden and reaching out to financially challenged / deserving students. Confidentiality is to be observed to preserve the esteem of the students.

Broad Parameters are

a) Coverage:
Full Scholarship (100% Tuition Fee Waiver)
Partial Scholarship (50% Tuition Fee Waiver)

b) The eligibility of the candidate for the need-based scholarship will be evaluated by the committee based on financial background of his/her family.

c) Scholarship will be awarded initially for 01 year and cases would be reviewed on annual basis.
Fresh intake: At the time of Registration.
ii.      Review Cases: 15 Days before the start of Fall Semester.

f) Scholarship is restricted to tuition fee only.

g) The Scholarship will be applicable for on-campus duration of the program in which the student is enrolled.

h) Student can get one scholarship at one time.

i) All PAF-IAST need-based scholarship awardees will be eligible to avail any other scholarship, however same must be declared immediately and surrender PAF-IAST scholarship.

k) False Provision of information / document will be considered as a sheer violation of discipline and may results in one or all the following:

  1. Recovery of all the payments received and a penalty.
    ii. Disqualification for award of any future financial support.
    iii.     Cancellation of admission.
  2. l) Final approval will be accorded by the Rector on the recommendation of Scholarship Management committee.

PAF-IAST Need-Based Scholarship Process: 

1. Online Form Submission at: Apply Now

2. Form and documents submission in hard to PAF-IAST Financial Aid office at the start of the academic session (1st Week of October) 

3. Document scrutiny and verification 

4. Deadline for any ambiguity or deficiency of documents   

5. Initial Interview 

6. Shortlisting for the final interview 7. Final Interview8. Final List of Scholarship Winners 

9. Distribution of cheques among selected students 

Documents Checklist 


Required Documents 

Applicant CNIC/Form B 

Father/Mother/Guardian CNIC 

Father/Guardian/Mother Income Certificate 

Last Fee voucher / Scholarship Certificate 

Siblings Fee Voucher if studying 

Siblings income certificate if working 

Latest Rental Lease agreement (If applicable) 

Front picture of house 

Latest Utilities bill(s) (Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Water) 


Applicant’s Passport size picture 


Medical Bills if applicable 


Bank Statement (Father/ Guardian, Mother, Siblings) Last 1-2 months 

 In case of any query contact 

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