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Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences & Technology, Mang Haripur has taken horde of initiatives towards technological infrastructure development and deployment at its campus. The Campus Computing & Communication Services (3CS) @ PAF-IAST has to offer the most advanced and world-class technology available to facilitate the academic and research activities at the campus and beyond.

A Client-Centric Vision:

IT Services puts PAFIAST’s clients at the center of everything it does.

Students and academics are acknowledged as the epicenter of the University and  therefore of IT Services. As such, the IT Strategic Plan targets the needs of  prospective and existing students, as well as those of research groups and centers.

By partnering with educators, researchers, divisions, alumni and external  stakeholders, IT Services works to give our students the best opportunity to succeed  in their education endeavors. We will also enable the academic staff to achieve  their research outcomes.

We are committed to support the PAFIAST’s community engagement and the delivery of  the PAFIAST Futures Lead Strategies to ensure business targets are met.

A Client-Centric Vision:

To be a pivotal strategic partner, a trusted adviser and enabler of  organizational, education and research strategies. We will transform ourselves from a service provider to a strategic assetdelivering innovative and value-adding solutions to the University.

IT Facility

Advanced Computing Labs

Ancillary Facilitation

Campus Core Network

Cloud Data Center

HPC Cluster

Smart Classrooms

Smart Campus

Safe Campus

General IT Services

IT Support Service

PAF-IAST believes in technological enablement of its administrative and para-teaching staff as well. Consequently, officers and faculty members are well equipped with laptops of high specifications; whereas other staff are provided with desktop computers to perform their official duties in an automated and well connected campus. PAF-IAST encourages less-paper concept of business operations through automation of its business
processes, however for necessary printing and copying needs of administration as well as teaching, both heavy duty printers and photocopiers are available as shared services to administrative staff as well as for the teachers. Moreover, officers and senior faculty are provided with wireless printing and copying facilities for optimum performance and service delivery.




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