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A Biomedical Science degree will prepare you for roles in clinical and public health laboratories, industry, and research settings, and you’ll gain skills that are in high demand.

A Biomedical Science degree will prepare you for roles in clinical and public health laboratories, industry, and research settings, and you’ll gain skills that are in high demand.

Degree Programs Offered

We are proud to offer exciting and challenging degree programs, initially catering to only undergraduate students, followed by graduate (MS and PhD programs) in the near future.

Faculty of Biomedical Sciences & Engineering

The faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering was established in 2020 and is comprised of three departments: Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, and Clinical Engineering. Various programs in the faculty focus on teaching and research in different areas of medical sciences and engineering, ranging from a fundamental understanding of the molecular basis of cell & their interactions to highly advanced areas of knowledge related to comprehension of human pathologies, from diagnostic analysis to treatment and recovery. Particularly, our programs are tailored toward the development of implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers and artificial hips, to more futuristic technologies such as stem cell engineering and the 3-D printing of biological organs. Various aspects of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science and engineering all will be integrated with human biology in biomedical Sciences and engineering to improve human health.

Smart Classrooms

PAF-IAST is the only smart campus in Pakistan with blanket Wi-Fi coverage and smart classroom solutions for its classrooms and lecture theatres. These smart facilities offer the most advanced Interactive Digital Board, AI-enabled Speaker’s tracking camera, Lecture Recorder, along with other ancillary equipment.

Besides jogging tracks, two large grounds are reserved for cricket and football. Apart from the indoor game facilities at each Academic block, badminton, volleyball courts also have been made available.

Fully furnished shared accommodation is available for resident students. Boarding facilities are exclusively meant for students hailing from remote cities. Boarding facilities include comfortable rooms, fully functional dining halls, anteroom, Wi-Fi facility, indoor games, vending machines and laundry.

The campus has a high standard library, well provided with course textbooks along, reference books, and a good number of necessary research journals for each area of specialization. The library complex also comprises a few cubicles with smart boards installed for research group discussions and presentations.

PAF-IAST Campus offers ample ancillary services to ensure a conducive academic and working environment for all. These facilities include automated vending machines to readily provide students at fair price snacks, beverages, essential commodities 24/7, especially during short breaks without having them rush to the cafeteria now and then. Considering the needs of students, faculty, and staff, multiple vending machines are being installed at various places across the campus. Gradually, these machines will be made compatible for integration with Smart Campus One Card Solution which PAF-IAST plans to deploy in the days ahead to promote cashless campus culture.

Lab Facilities

Our world-class facilities make PAF IAST one of Pakistan's best universities for research and study.

Human Anatomy, Physiology and Embryology Laboratory

The Human Anatomy, Physiology and Embryology Laboratory at PAF-IAST will equip undergraduate students with the fundamentals and practical aspects of human anatomy, physiology, and embryology. The Human Anatomy, Physiology, Embryology Laboratory will complement the lecture course by providing them with hands-on access to practical and advanced techniques in human anatomical, physiological and embryological analyses. They will gain sound understanding of human anatomy, physiology and embryology through experiences necessary to foster critical thinking skills needed for practical application of the knowledge and functions of human anatomy, physiology and embryology. The lab will generate a learning environment built on experiment participation, collaborative assignments, course-based undergraduate research, and interaction with staff and peers.

Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Laboratory

Biomaterials and tissue engineering lab will be geared to exposing students to the cutting-edge technologies of cell culture, tissue engineering, and artificial organ technology. The students will gain experience in conventional (2D) and 3D mammalian cell culture and will develop the capability to create artificial tissue and organs using modern technologies such as 3D bioprinting, bio fabrication, and organ on CHIP. They will also acquire the latest techniques used in biomedical nanotechnology.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory

Biochemistry and molecular biology lab will impart insight through experiments in biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry, genetics, immunology, microbiology, neurochemistry, etc. The students will be extensively exposed to working with biomolecules in the laboratory, with a view to equip them with skill-sets needed for future research participation at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as for jobs in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. The students will greatly benefit from hands-on experience in the purification and characterization of biomolecules, including carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins. The knowledge of the basics of molecular biology and biochemistry techniques will revitalize their thinking process towards the exploration of specialized fields such as therapeutic interventions, personalized medicine and gene therapy, and, their corollary, disease prevention.

Pathology and Hematology Laboratory

The Pathology and Hematology Laboratory will equip undergraduate students with the fundamentals of practical aspects of clinical pathology through PAF-IAST PROSPECTUS 2020 51 tests to be carried out on clinical specimens in order to obtain information about the health of a patient for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Clinical Chemistry is generally concerned with the analysis of body fluids for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Unlike research laboratories that focus on basic science, clinical medical laboratories are the manifestation of applied science. This laboratory aims to provide students with hands-on training in order to enable them to deal with many specimens that activate one or more sophisticated automated analyzers capable of processing a fraction of the sample to produce one or more test results. The lab is a great resource to train potential healthcare providers with specialized knowledge of diseases caused by blood and blood components. The creative learning environment in the lab promotes experiment participation and course-based undergraduate research.

Core Practical and Research Labs Facility

One of the core strengths of the department is a set of six labs equipped with state-of-the art-equipment/facilities for In-Vitro Fertilization encompassing Histology, Cell Culture, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Microscopy. Histology lab the facility of automatic tissue processor, microtome, and cryostat. The molecular biology is partitioned into PCR and post-PCR working stations, equipped with multiple PCRs, cars as well as post-PCR with electrophoretic, gel imaging, and western blotting systems. The microbiology lab has separate workstations for the virus, fungus/parasite, and bacterial culture and experiments. At the cell culture lab, the BSL2 facility is available for human and animal cell and tissue culture. The microscopy and Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) lab comprises the latest confocal microscope, fluorescence microscopes, inverted microscope, and FACS sorter. In addition to these prime labs which are available to students 24/7 for training and experimental work, The department also has a dedicated state-of-the-art computer lab.

Why Study at PAF IAST?

Location and Ambience

PAF IAST is nestled in natural mountains that flank its campus from all sides, offering one even the ravishing view of snow-capped peaks of Nathiagali and natural winding trails. To its north-west is Tarbela Lake, a journey of only a few kilometers from the campus. Set in the middle of the campus is a natural lake, fed by the springs of surrounding mountains. The campus is just a 3-kilometer drive from the Hazara Motorway. The ideal setting equally conducive to academic activity and aesthetic sensibilities of the human eye is a serene island of its own kind, far from the chaos, congestion, and cacophony of metropolitan culture. The major cities like Islamabad, Abbottabad, are just an hour’s drive, while small towns like Wah, Hasanabadal, Taxila, and Swabi can be reached in just half an hour.

Technology Advancement and Foreign Partnership

This institute is an emerging center of excellences, with its own technology park. All faculty members hold PhD degrees in appropriate disciplines. By virtue of its wide array of facilities and the facilitation for its students to learn and benefit both from classroom teaching and faculty trained at premier Austrian universities/institutions, the institution is ideally cut out for imparting state-of–the-art engineering and allied education in Pakistan. The institute enjoys close linkages with top ranking universities in Austria and China. We have already concluded with them formal agreements regarding student and faculty exchange programs, provision of dual degrees in certain areas, and the training support from foreign faculty. cities like Islamabad, Abbottabad, are just an hour’s drive, while small towns like Wah, Hasanabadal, Taxila and Swabi can be reached in just half an hour.

Academia-Industry Relationship

There is a strong synergetic relationship between academia and industry which paves the way for job opportunities for students even in the midst of their studies. PAF IAST will serve as a welcome platform for the industry to share their requirements for a skilled workforce. This will enable the institute to incorporate their valuable inputs in practical vocational training and expose the students to industrial perspectives

On-Spot Industry Internship

It will be a mandatory requirement for every student to do an internship every semester in an appropriate industry. This will garner them practical experience related to their respective degree programs. To crown it all, Technology Park will afford them rare opportunities to apply themselves innovatively and become promising entrepreneurs.

Need and Merit-based Scholarships

Different types of local and foreign scholarship opportunities are available on need and merit base.

BS&E Faculty Members

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