PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Pharmacology)

Program Description

The department of Biomedical Sciences offers PhD positions in Biomedical Sciences (Research sub area: Neuropharmacology) in HEC-NRPU funded project entitled “Preclinical drug profiling in animal model of drug addiction using behavior and functional pharmacogenetics approach.”

Our Group and Research Focus

Drug development and Cell Signaling Research Group led by Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan is focused on the functions of various receptors and second messengers involved in the mechanism of drug action. Our projects include interaction of drug molecules with various genes, proteins and to explore the fundamental molecular mechanisms of neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders. Our team is also actively working on other diseases considering: receptor plasticity, activation mechanism, signaling bias, ligand binding, the effect of the membrane and other interaction partners involved as a result of drug treatment or underlying disease. In 2021, pharmaceutical industry boosted with a final revenue of 1.42 trillion US dollars worldwide. The future perspective of this group is to develop indigenous ELISA based disease diagnostic kits and novel therapeutic interventions for better clinical outcome. Besides this, the group is also keen to address biomedical key scientific questions stemming from bedside with be the highest priority that can be translated and applied to medical care, which in turn will guarantee a return in product development and patenting. we also focused on different drug-based product development such as insect repellant and other cosmetic products. Several Group members have already established cross-link collaboration with other Research Groups in Iran, Brazil, and USA.

Research Facility

The department of Biomedical Sciences at Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (PAF-IAST) is highly equipped with all the latest technologies for cutting edge research. The labs at PAF-IAST are equipped with modern state of the art equipment and facilities, including CELLINK BioX 3D Bioprinter, STELLARIS 8 Confocal Microscope, ABI QuantStudio™ 7 Pro Real-Time PCR and other type of PCR series, Western Blot, ELISA, ABI Sanger Sequencing System, ABI Next Generation Sequencing System, Stem Cell Facility, and all sorts of other required equipment. and Behavior Neuroscience Lab.

Project description

PhD position are available to work in project funded by NRPU. The project is related to test various biomolecules and synthetic drugs in drug addiction and biosignalings. The major theme of this research project is to test and develop new entity of drug in preclinical sept up to overcome drug addiction, tolerance and relapse associated with the abuse of various addictive drugs.

Principal supervisor / Queries

Job Description

The inducted PhD student will be responsible for

  • Participating and organizing various workshops, seminars, and symposia.
  • Regular participating in journal club.
  • Conducting research and compiling data.
  • Patent and Publications of research work.
  • Any other task assigned by the group leader.

Key Criteria for Assessment of Applicants 

  1. Applicants must have a master’s degree (MS/M.Phil minimum CGPA of 3.0 out of 4.0/or First division) in Biomedical and health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Basic Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Neuroscience, Allied Health Sciences, Molecular Biology, Pharmacogenetics, or related backgrounds.
  2. Applicant must have graduate assessment test (GAT-Subject, 60% Marks) OR must pass the departmental admission test (minimum 70% Marks) before admission.
  3. Department test dates will be conducted on October 13, 2023.

Other important criteria are,

  • Team Work
  • Relevance and strength of the research proposal
  • Professional qualifications relevant to the PhD project
  • A strong interest in animal behavior genetics and drug development
  • Relevant work experience
  • Strong writing and communication skills

Application Requirements

  • Cover Letter
  • Research Proposal (Not more than 5 pages)
  • Resume/CV
  • Two Letters of Recommendations
  • Certificates, Degrees & Transcripts
  • Must have valid GRE or Departmental Graduate admission test at the time of admission registration.

Application Deadline:

  • 12 October 2023

The Further Process
Only the shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview. The admission office will inform candidates once a final decision is reached.

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