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Welcome to the School of Design, Art, and Architecture Technologies (SDAAT). Our institution is dedicated to providing interdisciplinary degree programs that intersect the realms of art, design, and technology. We owe this opportunity to the availability of innovative technological tools that have revolutionized the educational landscape. In the past, art and technology were considered distinct domains. However, the fusion of these two disciplines, commonly referred to as creative technology, has significantly contributed to the advancement of both technology and society as a whole. Although SDAAT is still in its early stages, it is rapidly emerging as a center of excellence in the field of creative technology, offering an unparalleled learning environment.

Our foremost commitment is to provide students with professional guidance from a team of experienced and highly qualified faculty members. To support their educational journey, we have invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure, including interactive classrooms, advanced laboratories, and studios equipped with cutting-edge digital tools. These resources along with industry exposure from early stages, enables our students to explore and bridge the gap between traditional art and design knowledge and the ever-evolving digital landscape. By recognizing and nurturing the innate creative abilities of individuals, we empower our students for a dynamic future through a multidisciplinary pedagogical approach.

By joining SDAAT, you become part of an interconnected realm where art and technology converge, providing you with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on humanity. At the School of Art, Design, and Architecture Technologies, we foster a creative and innovative learning environment. We invite you to explore more about our department to learn about each program, faculty members, admission requirements, and the exciting opportunities that await you. At our school, you become part of a vibrant community of artists, designers, and innovators, ready to make your mark in the world of art, design, and architecture technologies.

Our Mission

At our institution, we strive to provide a comprehensive educational experience that enables students to develop their artistic vision and deepen their understanding of their respective disciplines. Through the integration of theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as allied skills, we empower our students to explore the creative possibilities within their fields.

Our Game Design program fosters an environment of innovation, encouraging students to utilize cutting-edge storytelling techniques in their game designs. By integrating narrative elements with interactive gameplay, students develop the necessary skills to create immersive and captivating gaming experiences that push the boundaries of game design.

In the Film and Media program, students are provided with a platform to generate, discuss, and refine ideas for films and various media forms. We emphasize drawing inspiration from personal experiences and leveraging students’ visual and auditory acuity, technical expertise, refined dramatic sensibilities, and emotional resonance. Through this process, students acquire the skills needed to bring their unique ideas to life on screen.

The Bachelor’s in Architecture Design program takes students on an enriching journey of architectural exploration, where creativity, technical proficiency, and social consciousness converge. Our program prepares students to shape the future of the built environment, equipping them to make a lasting impact as skilled and visionary architects.

In the Bachelor’s in Interior Design program, students combine creativity, functionality, and aesthetics with practicality. Our meticulously designed program equips aspiring interior designers with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of interior design. We prioritize technical proficiency, sustainability, aesthetic sensibility, and social awareness to cultivate well-rounded professionals.

The Bachelor’s in Animation Design program immerses students in the captivating world of animation through a blend of theoretical and practical coursework, state-of-the-art computer labs, collaborations with industry professionals, and innovative teaching methodologies. In today’s world, the role of animation designers is more prominent than ever before, and at SDAAT, we prepare students to play influential roles in shaping the future of animation.

Our Bachelor’s in Textile and Fashion Design program prepares students for a future that demands a fusion of creativity, sustainability, technological expertise, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. With the evolving demand for sustainable and personalized textile products, our textile and fashion designers will lead the way in creating innovative and responsible solutions that cater to changing consumer needs, contributing to a more sustainable and interconnected world.

The Bachelor’s in Information Design program seamlessly blends creativity, technology, user-centricity, and adaptability. We believe that information designers will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping visual communication, branding, and user experiences across various digital and traditional platforms. At SDAAT, we equip our students to embrace emerging technologies and design practices, enabling them to create impactful and meaningful designs that resonate with audiences of today and the future.

Bachelor Programs

BS Animation Design

BS Game Design

BS Textile Design

BS Information Design

BS Fashion Design

B. Architecture

BS Film & TV

BS Interior Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Master Programs

MS Digital Media

Masters in Digital Media (MDM) is an interdisciplinary educational field that examines the digital media industry which is one of the most rapidly evolving area in both theory and practice. It not only impacts but continuously reforms the socio-cultural, political, economic and educational paradigms globally. The need of understanding and practicing digital design as a medium grows with the industry itself. In order to understand the informational channel that video games, animations, films etc. are themselves; it is of utmost importance to understand the psychology that drives and reforms the human mind both consciously and subconsciously. A 2010 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that youth age 8 to 18 devote seven-and-a-half hours a day to entertainment media. That is almost the same amount of time a person spends at school or work. In addition; the concentration spans during simulated realities such as videogames is much higher than in real life and so is the impact.

Why Study at PAF IAST?

Location and Ambience

PAF IAST is nestled in natural mountains that flank its campus from all sides, offering one even the ravishing view of snow-capped peaks of Nathiagali and natural winding trails. To its north-west is Tarbela Lake, a journey of only a few kilometers from the campus. Set in the middle of the campus is a natural lake, fed by the springs of surrounding mountains. The campus is just a 3-kilometer drive from the Hazara Motorway. The ideal setting equally conducive to academic activity and aesthetic sensibilities of the human eye is a serene island of its own kind, far from the chaos, congestion, and cacophony of metropolitan culture. The major cities like Islamabad, Abbottabad, are just an hour’s drive, while small towns like Wah, Hasanabadal, Taxila, and Swabi can be reached in just half an hour.

Technology Advancement and Foreign Partnership

This institute is an emerging center of excellences, with its own technology park. All faculty members hold PhD degrees in appropriate disciplines. By virtue of its wide array of facilities and the facilitation for its students to learn and benefit both from classroom teaching and faculty trained at premier Austrian universities/institutions, the institution is ideally cut out for imparting state-of–the-art engineering and allied education in Pakistan. The institute enjoys close linkages with top ranking universities in Austria and China. We have already concluded with them formal agreements regarding student and faculty exchange programs, provision of dual degrees in certain areas, and the training support from foreign faculty. cities like Islamabad, Abbottabad, are just an hour’s drive, while small towns like Wah, Hasanabadal, Taxila and Swabi can be reached in just half an hour.

Academia-Industry Relationship

There is a strong synergetic relationship between academia and industry which paves the way for job opportunities for students even in the midst of their studies. PAF IAST will serve as a welcome platform for the industry to share their requirements for a skilled workforce. This will enable the institute to incorporate their valuable inputs in practical vocational training and expose the students to industrial perspectives

On-Spot Industry Internship

It will be a mandatory requirement for every student to do an internship every semester in an appropriate industry. This will garner them practical experience related to their respective degree programs. To crown it all, Technology Park will afford them rare opportunities to apply themselves innovatively and become promising entrepreneurs.

Need and Merit-based Scholarships

Different types of local and foreign scholarship opportunities are available on need and merit base.

SDAAT Faculty Members


Professor & Dean

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Prof. Zafar iqbal

Professor of Practice & HoD

M.A Multimedia Arts

Mr. Abdur Rahman

Associate Professor

M.Phil in Multimedia Art

Mr. Salman Jamil

Associate Professor & Head of Program

Masters (M. Arch)

Dr. Ayaz Muhammad Hanif

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Design

Mr. Mansoor Qazi

Assistant Professor

Master in Multimedia Arts

Mr. Salman Basharat

Assistant Professor

Masters in Interior and Furniture Design

Ms. Saleha J. Sundas

Assistant Professor

MA in Interior Design

Syed Raza Kazim Naqvi

Assistant Professor

Masters in Architecture

Mr. Hamza Hamid


MS in User Experience Design

Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Zeb


MS. in Fine Arts, Graphic Design

Mr. Naveed Khan


M.Phil. in Communication Design / Ancient Indian Paintings

Mr. Sheheryar Zahid


Bachelor of Architecture


Animators, Game Designers, Filmmakers, Architects, Fashion Designers, Textile Designers, Film editors, Director of Photography, film Directors, Art and Design Teachers, Character Designers, Art Directors, Visualizers, and most of all Entrepreneurs.


SDAAT is making efforts to find partners from the field to work on collaborative projects. The school will organize an Annual Industry Day to bring different companies and individuals from the industry in the school, to see the student’s work, thus helping find financial support for the student projects. These activities will expose students to market trends and link them to the professional industry.
The focus of these multi-purpose partnerships is to develop creative and innovative collaborations between students and the industry experts to enrich both students’ learning skills through exposure working with experts in the field and initiate collaborative projects to develop the market-access of experts in building their businesses.


Custom Design buildings spread over 100 Acres of land containing all the necessary facilities with special focus on safety and security of the students. Hostel facility is also available for boys and girls. 24/7 internet facility on the campus is available for students to do their research and assignments along with sports facilities.