The concept underlying PAF-IAST program is to contribute to the development of a well-balanced industrial economy in Pakistan. Its holistic vision is to contribute in expansion and enhancement of the quality of higher education.... View More



Globalization and the information and communication revolution have greatly impacted worlds production methods and its structure. Today, knowledge is one of the main distinguishing features between developed and underdeveloped economies. In highly-developed economies, research and development activities and production are horizontally integrated in the form of networks ...... View More


The program is not just a program of higher education. It is closely inter-linked to a simultaneous plan for the development of technology-driven enterprises. The concept can only be realized holistically if the educational infrastructure created by the university has a corresponding and closely parallel growth in high-technology industry. To meet this objective he Pak-Austria Fachhochschule ...... View More


About 200 PhD level faculty members will be trained in Austria for periods of up to 6 years during phase 1, 2 and 3 under HRD program. Persons holding M.S/M.Phil or equivalent qualifications will be sent to Technical Universities in Austria for 4 years to obtain a PhD degree in the relevant discipline. Those that already hold a PhD degree will be sent for 2 years for training in the ...... View More