Department of Design Media & Digital Technologies

About Department

The world around us is ever-changing. Information designers are striving to contribute to that change for good to make the world and society better. We believe that as a designer we should be able to have a better depiction of the environment and process around us. We will provide a student environment that will take the creative talents of the students to new heights. Students engage in the design process through conceptualization, experimentation and self-evaluation while developing theoretical and technical versatility and proficiency.

Degree Programs Offered

Faculty of Electrical, Computer, IT and Design

Faculty of Electrical, Computer, IT, and Design (FECID) is engaged in preparing and equipping students to harness the benefits of advanced technology into the service of human lives. Electrical component largely involves the use of computing systems and information technology. It acquires the required design from the possible set of information and latest technology to meet the critical demands of modern society. It helps our students and faculty to work and understand the complexity of modernization and gives them the insight to develop such technologies that can alleviate human suffering by simplifying complex systems. The FECID seeks to produce well-educated and well-equipped students with sound sets of practical skills to cope with emerging technological challenges through international collaboration in areas like electrical, computing, circuits, signals, microprocessors, digital design, and communications. This eventually enables generations to become capable professionals and successful leaders in the digital era.

Labs and Studios

An impressive array of teaching labs and studios has been established in Department of Design, Media & Digital Technologies. Some of them are as follows:

Design Lab

Drawing Studio

Photography Lab

Multimedia Studio

Printing Room

Exhibition Gallery

DM & DT Faculty Members