Ehsaas Scholarship Program

Education beyond intermediate is one of the ways to overcome poverty. However, access to higher education is itself distributed very unevenly. For example, only 0.4% of the children from the lowest income quintile (from the relevant age cohort) are enrolled in higher education institutions, which is far below the national average of 10%. Ehsas scholarships aim to eliminate this source of unequal access.

According to the National Human Development Report 2017, Pakistan is one of the youngest country in the world. Realizing its demographic reality which has a population of around 220 million out of which more than half are of university age cohort, the priority of Government of Pakistan is to work on such programs which give drive to provide access to financially deserving and also encourages gender equity. The strategy is to create opportunities for a sizeable segment of youth to bring them under the net of higher education and create equal education opportunities for all.

This is the largest ever needs-based undergraduate scholarship program in the history of Pakistan. Under this program, every year, 50,000 students from low-income families will be awarded scholarships for 4 to 5-year undergraduate degree programs. Scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fee and a living stipend of 4,000 per month. The geographical spread of the program covers all four provinces, AJK and GB. for details visit online portal: The portal is currently closed for applications and will be reopened for the year 2021-22 in the mid of September 2021.

How to Apply for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship 2021 

  • Eligible candidates can apply online at
  • The complete application form can be submitted to the respective university’s financial aid office 
  • Do not submit the application form directly to HEC or BISP

Ehsaas Scholarship Deadline

  • The scholarship portal will reopen on September 30. The deadline for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship 2021 is November 30, 2021. 

Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship program

  • Deserving students from low-income families
  • Undergraduate students enrolled in affiliated public sector universities are eligible to apply
  • Only those students are eligible who got admission on a merit basis in public sector respective universities
  • Students who got admission on self-finance / self-support program are not eligible to apply for the scholarship
  • Students availing of any other scholarship or grant from any source are not eligible to apply
  • Students already availing of any other scholarship or grant from any  other source are ineligible to apply
  • This program is only for regular students. Distant learning students are ineligible

Ehsaas Scholarship program will offer need-based scholarships to the students of undergraduate degree programs.

Scholarships are offered for:

  1. Newly admitted students
  2. Admissions secured on merit only. Merit means that the student has fulfilled the admission criteria of the institution in which he/she intends to study
  3. Degree programs allowed by the HEC.
  4. Age limit set by institution’s regulations, i.e., the maximum age of the eligibility for the scholarship is the same as the maximum age for applying for admission in undergraduate programs at the HEI.

Ineligibility Conditions:

A student is ineligible for the scholarship if found

  1. Availing any other scholarship or continuous grant 
  2. Enrolled in distant learning programs and affiliated colleges (both public/private )
  3. Secured admission on self-sustain/ self-support/ self-finance basis, or in evening programs with higher fee structures

Financial Support

The Program covers funds for the following expenses:

  1. University fee as per actual fee as per actual
  2. Annual Stipend 

Scholarships Awarded to PAF-IAST Students for Fall-2020 are :-


No of Scholarships Awarded

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences


Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering


Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences


Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering




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