September 28, 2023
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Reinforcing Capacities of Stakeholders in Innovative Technologies To Develop A Critical Mass At The Level Of The Member States: ICESCO’S 1st International Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Workshop.

“Building Tomorrow’s Global Genomic Workforce”

ICESCO / Turkiye / Pakistan


In the current era, next-Generation sequencing technologies (NGS) have become an
essential part of all the major disciplines in life sciences research and medical diagnostics.
Being a component of big data science in life sciences, the NGS generated data is not only
quantitatively enormous but also very complex, which requires qualified bioinformaticians
and computer scientists to analyze. The NGS data analysis due to its enormity and
complexity is very challenging to process, especially for those professionals in life sciences
who have limited knowledge about NGS. Thus for the benefit of life scientists the
adaptation to new tools, terminologies, and workflows are the need of the hour so as to
enable them to understand and infer results accurately. To train and build workforce in
genomic big data science, The Sector of Science and Technology at the Islamic World
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) is taking the initiative to start a
series of workshops and seminars for its member states’ life scientists and medical
specialists. As a first step, an NGS data analysis workshop is being held in partnership with
INTERGEN (Genetics and rare disease diagnosis Centre), Turkiye along with local
educational institutions/universities from Pakistan is being organized for member states,
which will allow participants to acquire the knowledge to advanced steps of NGS data
analysis. After the workshop the trained workforce will be well on their way to becoming
qualified partners for bioinformaticians in their teams.


  • The event is intended for life sciences, medical researchers and lab technologists who
    want to analyze Next-Generation sequencing data.
  • The prerequisite is basic knowledge of molecular biology and computer literacy.

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Time : GMT+3
Participants will be given certificates.
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September 28, 2023
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