Exciting Collaborations and Insights

Exciting Collaborations and Insights:

Exciting Collaborations and Insights: Technical Managers led by Mr. Naeem Ahmad from Royal Fans had an insightful visit to Pak Austria Fachhochschule Institute, strengthening industrial ties.
Dr. Sohail Malik, Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Technology, provided with a quick expert training on Industry 4.0 and conducted a thorough gap analysis for the Fan Industry in Pakistan.
Identifying Growth Areas: The session concluded with a strategic roadmap for Royal Fans, highlighting areas for improvement.
Dr. Malik outlined the incredible support and tailored training that PAFIAST can offer to fan industry.
The Royal Fans team visited Institute’s state-of-the-art labs, including the Data Center and Research Center of Data Sciences and AI.
At the closing interaction, Royal fan team discussed the way forward of fostering their industrial requirements through students and graduate scholars of PAFIAST mentored by Faculty members.
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