PAFIAST Exploring new frontiers with the World Bank

PAFIAST exploring new frontiers with the World Bank!
On 30th November, PAFIAST was honored to host professionals from the World Bank for an immersive round table on Digital Inclusion.
In the first rendezvous with PAFIAST students and management, World Bank representatives Mr. Pankaj Gupta, Regional Director (INFRASTRUCTURE) South Asia Region, Ms. Teuta Kacinuku, Program Lead (INFRASTRUCTURE), Pakistan, Mr. Jerome Bezzina, Senior Digital Development Specialist and Mr. Shahbaz Khan, Senior Digital Development Specialist delved deep into the heart of digitization challenges and prospects.
PAFIAST students actively engaged in a profound interactive dialogue addressing challenges in access to digitization, financial services, and social inclusivity for the public.
The event marks the start of a transformative journey as we work towards a digitally empowered tomorrow!
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