Dr. Ghufran ur Rehman


Dr. Ghufran ur Rehman

Assistant Professor


Dr. Rehman started his journey in Academia by pursuing BEng. in Materials Science and Engineering from National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Pakistan. Secured a Scholarship from Germany to do MSc. with Honours in Advanced Materials and Process Engineering at Fredrich Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany. This degree program was a unique combination of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering including Advanced Chemical Processes and Biomedical aspects as well. This unique interdisciplinary combination provided him an excellent research base and later he opted to do PhD in the same discipline.

He secured a prestigious Marie-Curie EU Horizon 2020 scholarship to do PhD in Chemical Engineering with specialization in Process Engineering, Automation, Pharmaceutical Processes and Analytical Science at the University of Manchester, UK awarded in 2021. The primary objective of his PhD project was to design and develop an automated process analytical tool for optimization of the crystallization process by combined experimental and modelling approach that overall influences the quality of products. During his PhD, he also worked in collaborative team projects with Research Institutes (Max-Planck, Magdeburg, Germany and ETH, Switzerland) and also with pharma industries (Merck, Germany and Syncom, Netherlands) that provided him importance of drug quality control during manufacturing.

The PhD research equipped him with a diverse number of disciplines, which is a prerequisite for multidisciplinary research of translational nature. At Pak Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Science and Technology, aims to establish research in Materials Science and Engineering by merging it with Chemical Process Engineering aspects. Material Science is a subject area that fascinates him the most because of its applied nature, applicable to all basic necessities of life. Furthermore, imagination of material scientists in collaboration with engineers, chemists, physicist and biologists is continuously pushing the boundaries to new levels, as new products & applications are arising from Nano‐materials and Advance Processes are being developed to improve the quality of life of millions. His mission is focused to do research that is of applied nature and is for the benefit of mankind by utilising his expertise in Surface engineering, Nanotechnology and Advanced Chemical Processes and his hands-on experience in the various analytical technologies required for online as well as offline quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Professional Appointments

  • Assistant Professor, Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, 2022 – Present
  • Lab Demonstrator Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, The University of Manchester, UK (2018 – 2019)
  • Marie Curie Early-Stage Researcher (ESR) Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, The University of Manchester, UK (2017 – 2021 )
  • Lecturer / Project Engineer (ORIC) Department of Material Science and Engineering, Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan (2015 – 2017)
  • Assistant Research Scientist Max-Planck Institute, The Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany (2014 – 2015)


  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science (2021), The University of Manchester, UK
  • MSc. (Hons.) in Advanced Materials and Processes (2015) , Friedrich-Alexander University FAU, Erlangen Nuremberg, Germany
  • B.Eng. in Material Science and Engineering (2012), School of Chemical and Materials Engineering, NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan

Research Interests:

Research of multi-disciplinary and translational nature interests me because of its potential to contribute not only to my own discipline but to foster collaborations with others to tackle challenges that our nation is facing. Hence, working in teams and building interdisciplinary collaboration is my main goal. I would like to work with researchers interested in drug delivery mechanisms, drug processing and development, specifically with pharmaceutical industry. I seek collaboration with biomaterial scientists and clinicians interested in drug formulations and their bioavailability in the body.


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  • M A Basit, S Qais, Muhammad S U Malik, G U Rehman, “Incorporation of Carbon Nanotubes on de-sized carbon fibers for enhanced interlaminar shear strength of epoxy matrix composites”, J.Chem.Soc.Pak., vol. 41, no. 04, pp. 655–713, Aug 2019. ISSN: 0253-5106
  • Z Asfar, S Nauman, G U Rehman, F Mumtaz, Y Ayaz, M Naveed, “Development of flexible thread sensor for application as strain gauge.”, IEEE Sensors Journal, Dec 2016.
  • Ravik R, G U Rehman, Santhosh, A Abdul Al kheraif, B. H. Durgesh, A S Khan & I U Rehman, “Applications of Raman Spectroscopy in Dentistry” Applied Spectroscopy reviews, vol. 50, no. 04, pp. 332-350, Apr 2015.
  • G U Rehman, M Anas, Fakhar Alam & Zaffar M Khan, “Electrical characterization of graphite/polyurethane coating for electromagnetic absorber design” J Sandwich S Materials, Jul 2014. ISSN:1099-6362

Awards & Prizes

  • Marie-Curie European Union Horizon 2020 scholarship The University of Manchester, UK
  • MSc. Hons. Graduation scholarship Elite Network Bayern Munich, Germany
  • 2nd Position, BEng Thesis Project SCME, National University of Sciences and Technology NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • NUST BEng. Semester scholarships SCME, National University of Sciences and Technology NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan
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