Dr. Rizwan Ahmad

Assistant Professor


Dr. Rizwan Ahmad is a passionate and motivated researcher, having more than 32 research publications including peer-reviewed journal papers and conference papers/proceedings with a cumulative impact factor of 100. He completed his Doctorate degree at Sustainable Environmental Membrane Technology (SEMT) Center, Inha University, South Korea. Recently, he was nominated as a participant in a prestigious international travel grant in the Lindau Noble Laureates meeting in Lindau, Germany.  He has also been awarded two prestigious awards entitled “Dean’s Choice of Best Researcher” and ”Outstanding Research Award” in recognition of his excellence in research during his postgraduate studies 


  • MS leading to PhD in Environmental Engineering , ,Inha University, South Korea,2019
  • BS in Chemical Engineering, COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, 2012.


  • Khan, Amin, Muhammad Abdul Qyyum, Hammad Saulat, Rizwan Ahmad, XinSheng Peng, and Moonyong Lee. "Metal–organic frameworks for biogas upgrading: Recent advancements, challenges, and future recommendations." Applied Materials Today 22 (2021): 100925.
  • Ahmad, Rizwan, Chang Soo Lee, Jong Hak Kim, and Jeonghwan Kim. "Partially coated TiO2 on Al2O3 membrane for high water flux and photodegradation by novel filtration strategy in photocatalytic membrane reactors." Chemical Engineering Research and Design 163 (2020): 138-148.
  • Chang, Soomin, Rizwan Ahmad, Dea-eun Kwon, and Jeonghwan Kim. "Hybrid ceramic membrane reactor combined with fluidized adsorbents and scouring agents for hazardous metal-plating wastewater treatment." Journal of hazardous materials 388 (2020): 121777.
  • Ahmad, Rizwan, Jing Guo, and Jeonghwan Kim. "Structural characteristics of hazardous organic dyes and relationship between membrane fouling and organic removal efficiency in fluidized ceramic membrane reactor." Journal of Cleaner Production 232 (2019): 608-616.
  • Lee, Hyemin, Rizwan Ahmad, and Jeonghwan Kim. "Alginate to simulate biofouling in submerged fluidized ceramic membrane reactor: Effect of solution pH and ionic strength." Bioresource technology 302 (2020): 122813.

Awards & Prizes

  • Top 2nd nominee for Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting , Lindau, Germany , 2020
  • Dean’s Choice of Best Researcher , Inha University, South Korea ,2019
  • Outstanding Research Award, Inha University, South Korea ,2018
  • Jungseok International Scholarship Award , Inha University, South Korea ,2014
  • Campus & Chancellor GOLD Medal , COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus ,2012

Research Interests

  • Self-assembles mesoporous catalytic films
  • Photocatalytic membrane reactors
  • Membrane distillation
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Membrane Bioreactors
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