Research & Development R&D

Research & Development

1) Uninterrupted solar power solution for Pakistan Railways (PR) new signaling system installed on Main Line -1 between Lodhran and Shandara Stations.

2) Development of terminal facilities for bulk freight movement on Pakistan Railways network so as to facilitate multi modal transportation.

3) Study the current and potential freight markets in Pakistan and in the region and develop and plan for a futuristic freight train operations on Pakistan Railways.

4) Development of a system based on artificial intelligence to identify and detect material fatigue in steel rails used in tracks and steel wheels used in rolling stock on railways.

5) Development of fire resistant materials and electrical wiring systems for use in passenger coaches being operated on railways in Pakistan so as to reduce loss of human lives during train fires.



Cadre: AENs

  1. Determining residual life of Girder/Major bridges over ML 1.
  2. Possible solutions of reverse Camber in Truss bridges.
  3. Development of SOPs for measuring stresses in Girder bridges and their co-relation to future traffic/residual life.
  4. Design of Precast Bridges, Type Plans for various spans
  5. Possible solutions of existing Weak Masonry Arch Bridges.
  6. Design of Precast Box Culverts of various span loading of Railway including joint connections.
  7. Strengthening of Isolated Brick Work foundations of existing Railway bridges to convert Steel Girders into R.C.C Slab Bridges.
  8. Extent of stresses transferred to the Bridge bearings due to rail joints close to the pillar abutments & piers.
  9. Scouring action near well foundations or piles foundations. How to mitigate it and its effective remedial measures.
  10. Stability of major bridges at higher speeds, of 140 km/160 kmh.

Rail wear

  1. Wear and tear pattern of the different type of rails.


Cader: AENS

  1. Design of low cost green / energy efficient buildings for Railways.
  2. Improvement of dilapidated class-IV staff quarters in railway colonies (Jack Arch & RCC) at Lahore & Mughalpura.
  3. Proposals for repair of leaking roofs by using latest technology, being used in the private sector.


Cadre: AENS

  1. Prospects of Modification of current system to delayed de-molding system to ensure dimensions of sleepers.
  2. Development of Facilities of Static Rail Seat B.M Testing & Dynamic Testing.
  3. Addition of Long Line Production lines for Production of crossing sleepers ties using existing Facilities.

Cadre: AMEs

  1. Indigenization of equipment/machinery of Sleepers Factories.


Cadre: AENs

  1. Design of indigenous pre-stressed concrete ties for points & crossings.
  2. Elimination of sharp curves on LLM-RWP section.
  3. Development of on line Inspection registers pertaining to infrastructure of Civil Engineering.
  4. Design of sleeper free Level   Crossings.

Cadre: ATOs

  1. Viability for rehabilitation/opening of closed sections over Railway System

Cadre: ATEs

  1. Design of All-weather warning system for Level Crossings.

Track Branch Issues

Cadre: AEEs

  1. Software preparation for computerized P. Way graphs and fast access of information.

Cadre: AMEs

  1. Development of indigenous rail cutting and drilling machines.
  2. Development of road-cum rail inspection trolley/vehicle.
  3. Development of design for road-cum-rail material lorry.

Cadre: AENs

  1. Study of de-stressing requirements on modern track structure.
  2. Comparative study of UIC-54 & UIC-60 rails for adoption on P.R.
  3. New design of Snag Dead Ends/Sand humps over Pakistan Railways.


Cadre: General

  1. Revival of Indian Railway and lessons for Pakistan Railways.
  2. Best practices of successful Railways of Developed Countries. How can we adopt some on Pakistan Railways?
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