Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Program Description

Software Engineering (SE) program is exclusive designed to enable quality development and maintenance of various software systems to be evolved with the help of software engineering principles. Furthermore, to achieve sustainable software infrastructure, we have hired well-qualified faculty and commissioned high-tech lab tools. Moreover, students will also have the opportunity to enrich their multinational software-houses experience through PAF-IAST Technology Park. In a nutshell, PAF-IAST, aided by collaborator Austrian Universities, is committed to raising a capable breed of qualified software engineers with the capacity to deal with the challenges of the complex and dynamic environment. In conclusion, we also target capturing the emerging software market by incorporating SE curriculum multi-lingual diverse-business avenues. This will help our students to attain leadership positions both at academic and industrial levels with the help of Software Engineering admissions in KPK. 

Associated Careers

Software engineering students are able to reach world-class software companies e.g. Google, Ericsson, Spotify, or many others. Therefore, it is the most desired job areas for Software Engineering students. These jobs are including but not limited to: web developer, problem modeling and analyst, software designers, parallel. Furthermore, they can also become Multimedia programmers, software debuggers and software quality testers. Similarly, they may aspire to become software verification, and validation inspectors, software management managers/consultants as well as sound designers. PAF IAST offers Software Engineering admissions in KPK from the year 2020 onwards. 


Software Engineer


Game Developer


Cyber Security Analyst

Web Developer

BSSE Course Curriculum

Intake F21(onward)

Semester 1

Code Course Title Credit Hours Labs Total
COMP-102 Introduction to ICT 2   2
COMP-102L Introduction to ICT Lab   1 1
COMP-111 Programming Fundamentals 3   3
COMP-111L Programming Fundamentals Lab   1 1
MGT-262 Entrepreneurship (University Elective-II) 3   3
SS-331 Community Service (University Elective-I)*   0 0
SS-112 Pakistan Studies 2   2
COMP-121 Discrete Structures 3   3
  Total Credit Hours 13 2 15

Semester 2

Code Course Title Credit Hours Labs Total
COMP-112 Object Oriented Programming 3   3
COMP-112L Object Oriented Programming Lab   1 1
SS-111 Islamic Studies 2   2
PHY-101 Applied Physics 3   3
PHY-101L Applied Physics Lab   1 1
SS-103 English Language and Communication Skills 3   3
MTH-101 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3   3
MTH-206 Probability and Statistics 3   3
  Total Credit Hours 17 2 19

Semester 3

Code Course Title Credit Hours Labs Total
COMP-201 Data Structures and Algorithms 3   3
COMP-201L Data Structures and Algorithms Lab   1 1
COMP-171 Software Engineering 3   3
COMP-### SE Supporting-I 3   3
MTH-204 Linear Algebra 3   3
SS-310 Professional Ethics 3   3
  Total Credit Hours 15 1 16

Semester 4

Code Course Title Credit Hours Labs Total
COMP-262 Operating Systems  3   3
COMP-262L Operating Systems Lab   1 1
COMP-231 Database Systems 3   3
COMP-231L Database Systems Lab   1 1
COMP-271 Software Requirement Engineering 3   3
COMP-### SE Supporting-II 3   3
SS-203 Technical and Business Writing 3   3
  Total Credit Hours 15 2 17

Semester 5

Code Course Title Credit Hours Labs Total
COMP-273 Software Design and Architecture 2   2
COMP-273L Software Design and Architecture Lab   1 1
COMP-352 Computer Networks 3   3
COMP-352L Computer Networks Lab   1 1
COMP-### SE Supporting-III 3   3
COMP-272 Human Computer Interaction 3   3
COMP-### SE Elective-I 3   3
  Total Credit Hours 14 2 16

Semester 6

Code Course Title Credit Hours Labs Total
COMP-380 Software Quality Engineering 3   3
COMP-291 Information Security 3   3
COMP-### SE Elective-II 3   3
COMP-352 Web Engineering 2   2
COMP-352L Web Engineering Lab   1 1
COMP-### SE Elective-III 3   3
COMP-371 Software Construction and Development  2   2
COMP-371L Software Construction and Development Lab   1 1
  Total Credit Hours 16 2 18

Semester 7

Code Course Title Credit Hours Labs Total
COMP-470 Software Project Management 3   3
COMP-473 Software Re-Engineering 3   3
COMP-### SE Elective-IV 3   3
COMP-### SE Elective-V 3   3
COMP-### SE Elective-VI 3   3
COMP-498 Final Year Project I   3 3
  Total Credit Hours 15 3 18

Semester 8

Code Course Title Credit Hours Labs Total
COMP-### SE Elective-VII 3   3
SS-220 Organizational Behavior (University Elective-IV) 3   3
MGT-356 Intellectual Property Law (University Elective-III) 3   3
COMP-499 Final Year Project II   3 3
  Total Credit Hours 9 3 12

Why Study at PAF IAST?

Location and Ambience

Natural mountains nestle PAF IAST that flank its campus from all sides. The institute offers one  ravishing view of snow-capped peaks of Nathiagali and natural winding trails. Furthermore, to its north-west is Tarbela Lake, a journey of only a few kilometers from the campus. Moreover, set in the middle of the campus is a natural lake, fed by the springs of surrounding mountains. The campus is just a 3-kilometer drive from the Hazara Motorway. This results in an ideal setting equally conducive to academic activity. Most importantly, major cities like Islamabad, Abbottabad, are just an hour’s drive, while small towns like Wah, Hasanabadal, Taxila, and Swabi can be reached in just half an hour. All these features make this the best software engineering degree in KPK. 

Technology Advancement and Foreign Partnership

This institute is an emerging center of excellences, with its own technology park. Therefore, all faculty members hold PhD degrees in appropriate disciplines. By virtue of its wide array of facilities and the facilitation for its students to learn. Furthermore, they benefit both from classroom teaching and faculty trained at premier Austrian universities/institutions. The institution is ideally cut out for imparting state-of–the-art engineering and allied education in Pakistan. Moreover, the institute enjoys close linkages with top ranking universities in Austria and China. As a result, we have already concluded with them formal agreements regarding student and faculty exchange programs, provision of dual degrees in certain areas, and the training support from foreign faculty. 

Academia-Industry Relationship

There is a strong relationship between academia and industry. As a result, this paves the way for job opportunities for students even in the midst of their studies. PAF IAST will serve as a welcome platform for the industry to share their requirements for a skilled workforce. Therefore, this will enable the institute to incorporate their valuable inputs in practical vocational training and expose the students to industrial perspectives.

On-Spot Industry Internship

Firstly, it will be a mandatory requirement for every student to do an internship every semester in an appropriate industry. Secondly, this will garner them practical experience related to their respective degree programs. To crown it all, Technology Park will afford them rare opportunities to apply themselves innovatively and become promising entrepreneurs.

Need and Merit-based Scholarships

Different types of local and foreign scholarship opportunities are available on need and merit base.


PAF-IAST promotes equal opportunities and welcomes students from all backgrounds, irrespective of their creed, color, gender, ethnicity, and their social and financial status. Female students are encouraged to join any program of their choice and realize their dreams.

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