Deep Learning


Artificial Intelligence is the need of everyday life nowadays. The core part of Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning. It is the practice to learn from data and extract useful knowledge. Deep Learning is a subfield of Machine Learning, and it is an algorithmic approach inspired by the functionality and structure of the human brain known as Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Neurons are connected in multiple layers to process the data with a nonlinear approach towards some final output for making decisions e.g., speech recognition, recommendation, prediction, object & face detection, etc. Deep learning is applied to a variety of massive data generating at high velocity called big data.

The Deep Learning Lab at SPCAI will serve as a core lab for the center and PAF-IAST. It will focus on research and innovation in deep learning tools, techniques, and algorithms. This lab will provide end-to-end data-centric AI-based solutions to organizations, SMEs, and public sector departments. It will also assist other labs to solve their scientific problems using available computational power and futuristic technologies of deep learning.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Provide data-centric AI solutions  
  2. Empowering other labs and institutes with computational power 
  3. Skilling students, faculty, and other external employees  
  4. Carry out basic and applied research in AI 
  5. Provide a platform for the development of AI products  
  6. Exploration of new application and research areas

Research Areas

  • Computer Vision 
  • Natural Language Processing 
  • Smart Robotics 
  • Autonomous Systems 
  • Image Analysis 
  • Speech Recognition  
  • Biomedical & Financial Analysis 
  • Deep Neural Networks 
  • Data Science 
  • Big Data Analytics 


  • High-Performance Computing 
  • NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit 
  • Google Coral Dev Board Kit 
  • Open-Source Software  
  • OpenCV AI Kit 
  • Cameras 
  • Audio devices 
  • Data storage


Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Expert and Recommender Systems