Federal Minister of Culture and Heritage Visit

We are honored to announce the recent visit of the Federal Minister of Culture and Heritage, Syed Jamal Shah, to the School of Design, Art, and Architecture Technologies (SDAAT) at the Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology-Haripur. The Honourable Minister’s presence was to mark the inauguration of the Innovation Lab, a facility dedicated to the fusion of artistic expression and entrepreneurship.

The inauguration commenced with a formal reception for our esteemed guests, extended by the Rector, Deans, and Head of the Department of SDAAT. This was followed by a guided tour of our institution, culminating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the opening of the Innovation Lab.

A key feature of the event was an address by Rector Dr. Mohammad Mujahid, explaining the vision of integration, so that all the different faculties work together to create an environment where scientists and artists collaborate to produce holistic, out-of-the-box solutions. A detailed presentation by the Head of Department, Professor Zafar Iqbal, highlighted several projects initiated at the Innovation Lab. Prof. Zafar Iqbal explained that the development of engaging and entertaining local content for the young population in the form of animations and games is the main focus of the Innovation Lab.

The worthy minister expressed commendation for the efforts of SDAAT and the vision behind the Innovation Lab. He highlighted the critical importance of art and art education, particularly in relation to the historical and cultural context of the region. He also pointed out the importance of art education in creating an environment of integration to resolve the problems of social ills. Minister Sahib was delighted to see the facilities at SDAAT and showed his confidence that the MOUs signed will go a long way in creating awareness and addressing issues of identity.

The event reached its conclusion with SDAAT signing Memoranda of Understanding with PNCA, Lok Virsa, and Hunerkada. The main focus of these MOUs is to work on the creation of local content in the form of animation and illustrative books.

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