SDAAT partnership with Sybrid and Ice Animations

In a significant development for the School of Art, Design, and Architecture Technologies (SDAAT), a partnership has been established with Sybrid and Ice Animations. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was recently signed, marking a new chapter in the collaboration between the academic and industrial sectors.

The signing ceremony was attended by the executive team of Sybrid and Ice Animation. Mr. Shamoon Haider, Chief Operating Officer, signed the MoU on behalf of his company in the presence of Mr. Ather Imran (CEO), Mr. Muhammad Murtaza Khan, and Mr. Adnan Qaiser (Vice President).

The primary goal of this partnership is to develop animations inspired by folk stories. These creative projects are aimed not only at educating but also providing infotainment to a broad audience. A key aspect of this collaboration is to highlight and foster the cultural and traditional significance of the region surrounding PAF-IAST. This initiative is expected to play a vital role in preserving and promoting regional heritage through modern storytelling mediums.

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