Qirat and Naat Competition

April 11, 2023. In the holy month of Ramadan, a Qirat and Naat competition was held at Pak Austria Fachhochschule, bringing together participants from different departments. The event was organized by Department of IT & Computer Science and Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences to celebrate the spiritual significance of the month of Ramadan and to encourage the recitation of Quran and praise of the Prophet (PBUH) through Naats. Dr. Rizwan Akhtar from IT&CS department and Dr. Amna Saeed from department of pharmaceutical sciences served as program advisors. Mr. Amir Hamza Mazhar (president) and Mr. Ahmed Saleem (member) of Ushers and Event Management Society played a key role in making all arrangements. The event was attended by students and faculty members of many departments. Following students got first positions:
Qirat: Jawad Mehmood (Department of IT&CS),
Naat: Farhan Rauf (Department of Artificial Intelligence)
Certificates were distributed among the winners by the guest of honor, Prof. Dr. Sharif Ullah Khan (Dean FECID) and Dr. Fida Younus Khattak (Provost). The session was officially concluded by Prof. Dr. Sharifullah Khan.