Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

About Department

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, PAF-IAST, encourages an active learning atmosphere. The department follows HEC and PCP recognized up-to-date curriculum which strengthens the foundation of pharmacy. The main focus is the provision of knowledge and relevant skills to students, so they can serve the community, hospital, and industry as quality healthcare professionals. Furthermore, to strengthen the hands on-experience, all courses are accompanied by regular practical training in clinical/community/industrial setup as well as in departmental well-equipped laboratories. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences has competent and qualified faculty members with enormous experience, as well as Ph.D./Post-doc degree holders in various disciplines of pharmacy like Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmacognosy, and Pharmacy practice. After getting Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) degree, the graduates can serve the community, hospital, drug regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical and biotech industry, academia, research, sales & marketing of drugs, drug testing laboratories, and serve at national and international level. The graduate of this department will not be solely dependent on the above jobs but will be encouraged to design plans for the development of technology-driven enterprises. So, if you are searching for skill and outcome-based pharmaceutical education, your search ends here to explore, experience, and excel with this prestigious institute.

Department Objectives

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is established with the objective to produce highly skilled pharmacist equipped with an in-depth academic background and sound scientific competences, having advanced knowledge to address the current health care problems of society. Which ensures the provision of standard teaching, research, and access to various in-house and other facilities for learning of students from various social and cultural backgrounds. The knowledge-based training at the Department of Pharmaceutical sciences will enable them to adjust themselves according to various employment opportunities within the country and abroad. The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences PAF-IAST has a clear objective of developing a critical scientific approach among the students to enhance their curiosity as well as to instill a lifelong learning quest in them towards healthcare improvement. The students are prepared to excel in the competitive fields with skills to overcome societal challenges such as drug adversaries and rational use of medicine. By the time our students graduate, they will be holding vast knowledge of various subjects related to pharmaceutical sciences. They will be able to process the information intelligently and reveal their skills and ability in a broad range of pharmaceutical formulation and utilization fields such as hospitals, communities, research centers, industries, and drug regulatory bodies. Our graduates will be fully equipped to meet the challenges of technological innovation related to the pharmacy profession and skilled to be hired straightaway in national and international institutions while using their extensive skills in contributing to sustainable development and healthcare achievements.

Modern laboratories

Modern up-to-date laboratories with the latest equipment and research facilities are available in department of pharmaceutical sciences.

Basic Medical Science Laboratory

The human Physiology, histology, pharmacology and pathology lab at PAF-IAST will provide the undergraduate students the fundamental practical aspects of human physiology, histology, pharmacology and pathology. BMS lab will complement the lecture course and aims to provide students with hands on access to practical and advanced techniques in human physiology, histology, pharmacology and pathology. The lab emphasis on creating a learning environment that relies on experiment participation, collaborative assignments, course based undergraduate research, and interaction among staff and peers.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory at PAF-IAST is designed for our pharmacy graduates to acquire knowledge of microbiology laboratory principles, apparatus, culture media and culturing techniques. They will get hands on practice on sterilization, incubation, and morphological observation techniques of microorganisms. Students will be able to apply the chemical identification and general staining of microorganisms.

Pharmaceutics Laboratory

The pharmaceutics lab at PAF-IAST will provide the undergraduate students the basic practical aspects of designing dosage forms and its administration. The Pharmaceutics lab will complement the lecture course and aims to provide students with hands on access to practical and advanced techniques in human medications. The facility will offer a high impact dosage form designing experience necessary to promote critical thinking skills required for practical implementation of pharmaceutical knowledge.

Pharmacognosy Laboratory

Pharmacognosy laboratory provides esteemed guidelines to the students regarding natural sources of drugs and phytochemical screening through various instruments like binocular microscope.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory

The pharmaceutical chemistry lab at PAF-IAST will provide the undergraduate students the basic practical aspects of qualitative / quantitative analysis, synthesis, and quantification of various drugs in different pharmaceutical dosage forms. The pharmaceutical chemistry lab will complement the theory course and aims to provide the students with hands-on access to practical and advanced techniques in drug analysis and synthesis. The facility will offer an advanced level expertise to pharmacy graduates as skillful medicinal and analytical scientists to apply their knowledge in pharmaceutical industry and advance drug research labs.

Anatomy Museum

The human anatomy museum at PAF-IAST will equip the undergraduate students with the fundamental aspects of human anatomical systems. It aims in providing a learning environment for students that relies on course-based undergraduate research and collaborative assignments. The human anatomy museum will enable students to examine all the important anatomical systems required for practical implementation of human anatomy knowledge.

Computer Laboratory

Fully furnished computer laboratory, which is fully equipped with all the latest facilities. Systems have educational software and with high speed WiFi which help students to explore the educational world and to store and retrieve information about different subjects and subject matters.

Faculty Members

Dr. Arshad Hussain

Professor & Dean

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Prof. Dr. Azhar Hussain

Professor & Chairman

Ph.D. in Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Noreen Akhtar

Associate Professor

Ph.D. In Psychology

Dr. Amna Saeed

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Hamad Ali

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology

Dr. Hira Ijaz

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics

Dr. Kashif Bashir

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Pharmacy

Dr. Nighat Batool

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics

Dr. Syed Jawad Ali Shah

Assistant Professor

PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and Biology

Dr. Mian Waleed Ahmed


Masters in Sports Physiotherapy

Dr. Zahid Munawar


Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ms. Ayesha Zafar


M. Phil in Pharmacy Practice

Ms. Wahiba Razzaq


M.Phil in Clinical Psychology

Salient Features

Salient Features of the Department of Pharmaceutical Science

Friendly and professional environment

Program approved from by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan

Qualified Ph.D faculty

Structured internships program in each semester

Student exchange in final year with foreign partner universities

Adjunct foreign faculty from partner universities

World-class laboratories

Participation in national and international scientific events

Skill development programs

Social gathering and interaction with eminent visiting experts

Sport facilities

Career guidance and counselling

Info Session

Our world-class facilities make PAF IAST one of Pakistan’s best university for research and study.

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