Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

About Department

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (E&CE) was established in 2020 under the exclusive vision “Skilling Pakistan” of the PAF-IAST. E&CE department contributes to the expansion and enhancement of the quality engineering education in electrical, computer, and allied disciplines and simultaneously to stimulate related high-technology industry in Pakistan. E&CE department strives to impart the highest quality engineering education in Pakistan that matches with the standard of education in the developed countries. E&CE department aims to produce professionals possessing relevant engineering knowledge, management, and technical skills to serve the needs of various sectors such as communications, computers, automation, electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, internet of things, energy, and power systems, in national and international markets.


The mission of E&CE department is to stimulate the country’s high technology industrial economy by imparting the highest quality engineering education and practical skills to our students. The department aspires to create technologies and leaders to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our aim is to produce competent professionals who are valuable members of society

Faculty Members

Dr. Arshad Hussain

Professor & Dean

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering


Associate Professor & Chairman

Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering


Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Electronics & Communications Engineering

Dr. Atiq ur Rehman

Assistant Professor

Ph.D in Computer Science & Engineering

Dr. Moazam Maqsood

Assistant Professor

Ph.D in Electrical Engineering


Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering


Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering


Lab Engineer

MS in Electrical Engineering

Engr. Rafi Ullah Khan

Lab Engineer

MS in Computer Engineering

Lab Facilities

Our world-class facilities make PAF IAST one of Pakistan's best universities for research and study.

Machine and Power Systems

The machine and power systems laboratory is dedicated for training the undergraduate and graduate students for safe, reliable, and optimum generation, distribution, conversion, measurement, and control of electric energy. Work includes lab experiments, testing, and computer simulation of electric power apparatus, equipment, structures, materials, and systems.

DLD and Embedded Systems

This lab covers the courses of Digital Logic Design, Introduction to Embedded Systems, Digital Systems Design, and Internet-of-Things. The experiments start from the implementation of basic digital concepts and culminate into advanced digital and embedded systems.

Electronics and Circuits

Equipped with modern measurement apparatus, this laboratory provides hands-on training to undergraduate engineering students in all courses related to electric and electronic circuits. This state-of-the-art facility helps students to see beyond the theory and serves as a foundation for the subjects taught during advanced semesters.


With an inventory of high-performance modern computers, our dedicated Computer lab adequately meets the computing needs of all students of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.


Physics Laboratory is fully geared to impart experimental training in the areas of mechanics, electricity, and magnetism to the undergraduate students of various science and engineering disciplines. The state-of-the-art demonstration kits, and apparatus are available to illustrate various principles of physics. It is a great resource that helps students relate theoretical knowledge with practical work.


This laboratory supports basic courses in machine tools, machining, and electrical wiring and safety at the undergraduate level. The experiments performed in the laboratory are designed to reinforce understanding of fundamental principles and knowledge required to visualize various phenomena encountered in practical applications.

DSP and Communication

DSP and Communication Lab enhances the understanding of signal processing and communications. This lab comprises state of the art equipment by National Instruments and Rohde & Schwarz to help students carry out lab experiments and conduct projects in the areas of digital and wireless communications, RF and microwave engineering, antennas, and digital signal processing.

Control and Instrumentation

Thin-client computers (Virtual Desktop Interface machines), Base Platform for Controls with Wifi Connectivity, Controls Add on Board for Base Platform (DC Motor/Inverted Pendulum) and Sensors Board for Base Platform

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering is engaged in preparing its students for lifelong learning and successful professional careers. It seeks to produce professionals equipped with credible engineering knowledge.

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